Practice Areas

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning
Our team can assist you with all of your estate planning goals, whether the goal is a simple will and powers or attorney or a complex trust. We have worked with young families who may be concerned with nominating guardians of minor children, older folks that want to update or create an overall estate plan, and elderly clients that have the goal of making the process easier on their family members in the event of disability or death.

Probate and Trust Administration
Our team has worked with many families after the loss of a beloved family member or friend in the areas of probate administration and trust administration. This is often a difficult time and we strive to help families through the process so that they are not facing that difficulty as well as the loss.

Guardianship of Incapacitated Adults
We have represented many clients in the process of petitioning the court for guardianship of a person that cannot or can no longer manage their own health care or financial affairs, and for others that are interested parties in the process. We have also represented the proposed ward on many occasions, making sure that the ward’s rights and dignity are a priority.

Small Business Support
We have assisted hundreds of clients with establishing their business entities, operating agreements and by-laws. Once your business is established and running, we continue to assist you with support related to contracts, routine operational support, and business succession planning, which is a very important part of your overall estate plan.

Purchase and Sale of Small Businesses
Our firm can assist you in the purchase or sale of your business, including the due diligence, negotiation, document preparation and closing of the transaction. We coordinate with your CPA, insurance agent, and any other professionals that you routinely work with to assure that you close the transaction successfully and that you will be satisfied that you have entered into a sound and profitable transaction.

Real Estate Transactions
We can assist you with the sale or purchase of a residential home, commercial properties, or rental agreements and options.